Gallery Limited Editions

At the Nomads exhibition in November 2003 I have launched my first limited edition Giclee prints.

Giclee printing techniques give the highest quality print , each one having been digitally remastered and colour matched to the original. They are printed on Somerset velvet enhanced 100% cotton paper, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

They make some of my most popular work affordable in a high-quality format and would make a handsome gift for any special occasion.

I introduced two sets of limited edition prints. One set consists of the most popular paintings from India which I showed in my exhibition “Desert to Surf”. The second set consists of some of my most popular local paintings which I painted during the years I am here.

These prints are supplied as a sheet rolled up in an easily postable tube. Each one is individually numbered and signed by the artist and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees their status.

Since then, over the next fourteen years, I have added to my existing two sets of Limited edition prints many exciting new images: ‘End of the Journey’, ‘The Coming Storm’, ‘Mother and Child’, ‘Young Prophet’, ‘Camel Fair’, ‘Pink Goddess’, ‘South Petherton’, ‘Water Palaces’, ‘Fire Ritual’, ‘Making Chapati’, ‘Rhythm of Life’, ‘Daybreak’, ‘Goddess in Green’, ‘Life beneath the Taj’, ‘Morning Bath’, ‘Grazing on Ham Hill’, ‘Towards Chiselborough’, ‘Lido Bather’, ‘Morning Ride’, ‘Man of the Desert’, ‘Ham Hill’ and ‘St. Michael’s Hill’, ‘Crowds’, ‘Market Place’.

Two years ago, following my adventure in South America, I introduce two new and exciting limited edition prints: ‘Mother and Child / Peru’ and ‘Cool Dude’.

This Year I am celebrating 25 Years of showing my work at East Lambrook Manor Gardens, with a new limited edition print ‘Mirror Lake’ following my trip to New Zealand’s South Island.

  • Mirror Lake
  • Morning Ride
  • Water Palaces
  • South Petherton
  • Pink Goddess
  • Camel Fair
  • Young Prophet
  • Montacute Estate
  • Dillington
  • Monsoon Coming
  • Tinkers Bubble
  • Pilgrims
  • Hardington Church
  • Hard Bargain
  • The Paper Boy
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Making Chapati
  • Goddess in Green
  • Fire Ritual
  • Life beneath the Taj
  • Daybreak
  • Morning Bath
  • Towards Chiselborough
  • Grazing on Ham Hill
  • Lido Bather
  • Man of the Desert
  • Ham hill
  • St. Michael's Hill
  • Mother and Child
  • The Coming Storm
  • End of the Journey
  • Crowds
  • Market Place
  • Cool Dude
  • Mother and Child / Peru