Moish Sokal was born during the Israeli War of Independence to artistic parents who encouraged his talents. He grew up in a beachside town of the port city of Haifa.

At 20 he left his family to settle in Sydney, Australia when he married his first wife.

He studied Graphic Art and Design at Sydney Technical College and worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for the next 22 years. However, he frequently left the commercial world to travel and paint, mainly in Third-world countries, but also visiting Israel and England with his Somerset-born second wife.

The Sokals came to live in England in 1990. Since then Sokal has had many one-man exhibitions, the last being his successful exhibition “Reflections – a fresh look” in the Malthouse Gallery, East Lambrook Manor Gardens in 2019.

Later on in that year, Sokal set off for the first time to Africa, in search for his childhood dream of confronting the wild animal kingdom of this continent.

Moish Sokal has two daughters, Liat, a performing artist and a mother, who lives in Australia and Rachel a Company general manager, who lives in Bristol. Moish and Prue Biddle, a designer jeweller. live in Norton sub Hamdon, Somerset