New York and Cuba Trip Story 2019

A Celebration of the 25th Anniversary at the Malthouse Gallery

Returning from his latest trip to New York and Cuba, Moish Sokal is reflecting on his 25 years of exhibiting his watercolours at East Lambrook Manor Gardens and all the exotic locations he has visited and painted. He felt inspired to look back at these locations and to paint them in his current style.The result is his landmark exhibition ‘Reflections – A fresh Look” at the Malthouse Gallery, East Lambrook Manor Gardens.


May 2019

Dear Friends

Most of you know that I led a life of travelling. Growing up in the port town of Haifa, it was inevitable that tales of the big exciting world out there would have an everlasting effect on my life in the future. Burning with desire to travel the world, seek adventure and start a new life in the cities we saw in the movies, drove me and my friends to leave home in our early 20’s. Most of my friends went to New York, but my destiny took me to Sydney. Finally, last year, armed with one address I decided it was time to look up my old friends and set off for New York City.

Meeting my old friend Shlomo, after so many years with this amazing city as backdrop was as surreal an experience as being amongst the yellow taxis, the steam rising, the cops, the constant sound of wailing sirens. I was on a movie set, and the familiar Empire State building, the bright adverts on 42nd street turning night into day – Iconic images of nowhere else but Manhattan brought instant inspiration!

Cuba, was my next destination. It always fascinated me, and I was welcomed with a feast of colour and music. Havana, like Manhattan in many ways, is sophisticated and dynamic, bustling and polluted. I was mesmerized by the colourful vintage cars cruising the streets flanked by the crumbling fine colonial buildings.

Taking a ride in Havana Taxi Hotel Nacional famous guests c1940 The music was everywhere! A vibrant mix of African drum and Spanish guitar. Colourful flower girls greeted the artist with a gracious smile in every Plaza. Since I stayed in Vedado known for its famous neo-colonial Hotel Nacional, I could not resist ordering a dish favoured by Lucky Luciano.

The excitement of this adventure, discovering urban motifs to paint in a new fresh style and palette propelled me to go on and paint some of the favourite places I have been to during the last 25 years – With a fresh look.

Alongside all these, ‘Reflections – A fresh Look’ will also show work I painted following my first visit to Crete where the mysterious Minoans ruled 4000 years ago, there I was captivated by the rugged southern coastline, but most, the charming town of Hania with its narrow streets lined with Venetian and Turkish architecture.

Last but not least! Alongside these faraway places, I show a selection of paintings from my trips exploring the coastline of Cornwall, Wales and Dorset.

This exhibition, set in the beautiful Grade 1 listed East Lambrook Manor Gardens, opens on June 4th to July 21st, closed every Monday. Admission to Exhibition is free (this also includes café and nursery).

Further details on the artist and this exhibition can be obtained from or on 07812837825